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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Art-a-Day Gallery Show

Set your plans for the MARCH 3rd  First Thursday Art Walk for the Art-a-Day 2011 show.  Michelle Allgaier has offered to host the show at Chell Design in Downtown Kennewick.  Thanks, Chell!

Details are still to be hashed out but  you have all of February to complete, hone, frame or whatever else you need to make your January works ready for show.  More details will follow.

By all means - keep on blogging as long as you want!  The blog is open 24/7 and it's always a bit of a let down as we redirect our lives.  One artist unable to "do" January is thinking of doing her own Art-a-Day challenge in February.  Whatever keeps your art and passion alive - go for it!

It's been such a pleasure.  Thank you.


Lapoynte said...

I wasn’t aware there was a show connected to this! Good idea.

Lapoynte said...

You know, I posted everything I did; I didn't only post those things I would show. I mean, I only do art because its fun and I like to share it with like minded people. Not everything is ready for prime time, if you know what I mean. Please don't count on me for the show.

BobiWilson said...

Nor is it a given that everything one created would be in the show. You might find a thing or two to share. Just keep open to the possibility. Share the joy.
I think I'll have my little stage and crew there - don't know as Id say that was ready for prime time stuff either.

Laura G said...

it's all practice ... I encourage one and all to put things in the show. Maybe we can call it an exhibition, sounds a little softer and not like it demands framing or anything. I think the first year we just had sketches and sketchbooks lying around. It's the process that people really enjoy. One year, I even printed out some of the posts and comments ... that was a hit too. Bobi, would be fun to have photos of your character's experiences throughout the month.

BobiWilson said...

I like the "exhibition" idea.
The process is fascinating not only for us but for others, so works in progress, practices, experiments... all share the story of the art and Art-a-Day experience.
Yes, I plan to figure a way to show the stage shots somehow.