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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

mini Portrait #17

I enjoyed this mini portrait. It's based on a John Singer Sargent painting of a young girl from Capri. (sometimes copying a master is easier than painting from a live subject). The image I referenced was black/white so I made up the colors. She has a long nose, but in his profile it was lovely; and I'm not sure if the set of the eyes is quite right. This one was also started on a toned canvas... can you guess the color? You can see peeks of it in the hair - a bright red-orange tone. It almost burned my eyes when I laid the brilliant "bice" blue over top to create the background. I think I now fully understand the tension created when two complimentaries are next to each other. Well I'm nearly out of these mini canvases ... and my order from Cheap Joes hasn't yet arrived. They are on back order. Cross your fingers that they arrive soon!


Laura Gable said...

Perhaps she looks like she has a 5-o'clock shadow. Yikes!

Lisa Hill said...

All of your mini portraits are wonderful. Her neck is graceful and beautifully shadowed. Maybe her eyes are a little bit Egyptian?