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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interesting quote

I found this very interesting blog about art & creating art written by Emily at Chatting at the Sky. This might resonate with some of you:
"One of the biggest things that gets in our way when it comes to making art is our own ideas about it. We make it so mysterious, so ethereal, so other-than us." She goes on to talk about how to bring art down out of the clouds.

In another muse she writes, "If you insist on compartmentalizing your art from your living, you may never find the time to pursue it."
If you'd like to read more about this mom who struggles to find time and inspiration for her art, you can find it at:

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Laura Gable said...

Terrie I went and looked at her website. She has some very powerful words. I will check back there often (thanks for sharing). That is very true about the art. When it's not assimilated into our lives and everything we own is covered in at least a tiny bit of paint or such, then it is sort of idolized and compartmentalized...away from the day to day of our living.