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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh, *whew* , it was a dream... or was it?

"Man, what a b*tch!  So I drink a little now and then...  "

"Oh, wow... a dream..., heh, heh, whew..."


Jim Bumgarner said...

you amaze me with these! I mean, look there's a bed, with sheets and a pillow, throw rugs, and people in the background just a bit out of focus. What a set up! How big is this?

BobiWilson said...

maybe I'll take a picture with my hands for reference. The outside of the stage box is probably about 7".

Laura G said...

Hey the fabric on those sheets looks very familiar! Good job using our "challenge" piece from Donna. She does have a headache? Is that her mini dream in the corner. Very fun!

BobiWilson said...

Yes! it's Donna's challenge material. Had a nice drapy quality, looked like boy covers AND I had it in the studio. :)
The mini scene was one I created early on meant to be him getting harangued for stumbling in late and drunk. She's wearing an unappealing house dress and her pet snake is at her ankles.
It was before the storyline came to mind and then I just couldn't have this happy couple get married followed by that.., so I tried to make it a scary, 2nd-thoughts kind of dream after having popped the question. The guy in the scene here is supposed to be at the crux point between the stress of the dream and the relief of realizing it was a dream. ...with a bit of residual uncertainty.
Here's my 1000 words for what the picture was supposed to say. :)