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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Calliope - a salvage

 Do you recollect my "nothing would work" day?  Where I was excited with new tricks for making tidy, nicely squared boxes - but then nothing would solder - so I ended up taking a camera apart instead?  Yeah, that day.  When it simply wouldn't solder (contaminated flux) I went with it, pushed in one side that didn't solder and curled the other.  It seemed to need a matching curl so I soldered one on  (after trashing that skanky old flux).  .

It now said, "Calliope," to me, but utterly frustrated I set it aside

Back at it today.  Taking longer *surprise* than planned.  Here's where it stands so far. I'm reminded the benefit of having a plan.  I like working "seat of the pants" but Ted Neth was right, plan it on paper first, then make.  Saves much grief.
Will have completed pictures here tomorrow.  ( I trust)

Happy making!


Lapoynte said...

Very cool Bobi

Terrie said...

I'm liking it! Without a plan is good sometimes because our imagination soars, but with a plan we see progress.....there's certainly room for both.