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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Laura and Annette at Hastings!!!!

Laura was nice enough to meet me at Hastings to instruct me on how to add to the art-a-day blog! I'm a kindergartner when it comes to computers and it's taken over an hour just to post.  I have only an iPad and we couldn't do it from the regular way as it doesn't recognize my photos from my photo library!  We posted from blogger app so I am practicing for today.  Is this art?  Maybe the photo is....hahaha!  So here we are.  It is inspiring me to go home and finish some projects.

Ok, I had to interject some effort on my part to artify this a bit more.
So with some Photoshop filters applied, we really do look art-a-day worthy!!!


Laura Gable said...

Good to see you this a.m. Annette. Glad to see you BLOGGING now!!!!! Can't wait to see your upcoming projects. You go girl.

patti said...

So totally ART A DAY with caps!!!
too much fun,
patti k

Bobi Wilson said...

Is Laura the best, or what?