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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Scroll Project

Sometimes after doing a lot of "serious" paintings, I find that I miss the "other" side of art: the messy, unexpected, creating for the sake of creating side.

I was intrigued after happening across an "art scroll" project created by Australian artist Ian Roberts. A prolific artist immersed in various projects, he was challenged to create these scrolls after meeting with an art therapist. (click his name for a link to his website).

The task is to cut a long section of paper, and scroll off a bit each day. Then just do "something" on that section. No rules, no criteria, and it doesn't have to look like anything, it is merely a creative expression for the day. The only stipulation is not to look at what you've created until the 30 days are up…. so because of that I will only post a few things I've done. In these 3 that I've already created, I find that I'm using a lot of heavy strokes and lots of black. My darkness emerges ;-)

Scroll day 3 … 


patti said...

Good ideas come from an initial shared thread. I have a piano scroll that I could follow the no peaking rule and just let - er - go for the month of January. An evening ritual..... thanks Laura.. bye... starting now!

Laura Gable said...

That's what I love about this forum… a way to encourage each other with our concepts and creativity. Can't wait to see what you create Patti!!!
PS Figure drawing at Allied Arts starts next Saturday … something you might all enjoy!

Bobi Wilson said...

What a brilliant idea! It could be used all kinds of ways.