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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Princeton synthetic sable one stroke brushes

My progress with the cat and bubbles are at the stage that probably no one'd care to see, including myself. I needed to do something different, so I played with the new brushes I recently bought.

I love those Princeton stroke brushes our teacher got for us when we first started with watercolors; they carry water and color well, and they are easy to handle. I use them all the time. After seven years, they are in a sad shape; time to get replacement.

I found Robert Simmons Sapphire stroke brushes at the local Hobby Lobby store, and absolutely love them, especially the 1/2" one.(the 1/4" one does not hold up as well) but I want a larger size that the store does not carry. I looked up online for it.

I did not find Robert Simmons Sapphire stroke brushes, but I found Princeton synthetic sable stroke brushes with the larger size, so I placed an order for them.

I was disappointed when saw them, They are so thin compared with the old ones, that I doubt their water / color carrying ability.  I tested them on the pages of a watercolor sketchbook, and found them alright, not as good, but alright. Because they are thinner with less hair, it's easier to get sharper edges.

I am still looking for better stroke brushes though.