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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Coffee Shop Scribbles"

Somedays art just comes quick and dirty while sitting in a cafe, or restaurant, or coffee shop, like it did today. Dave (Ace, Solomon, Pointer) and I dropped into the coffee shop in Hastings in Richland with our sketchbooks. Dave put in some quality time sketching the shop itself, while I messed about with faces.

One of the things I enjoy is to get an inspiration from a face in the crowd: put in a nose, or an eye, or something from that person, then let my inner guide take over and just play with it from there.

The nose and mouth on the left side of the page are nothing more than figments of my imagination - I started by playing with the nose and went from there.

The figure in the middle was inspired by a "little older lady" sitting at a near table. The face you see doesn't look anything like her, but without her nose, to begin with, the sketch would be completely different.

The lady on the right was interviewing for a job. I think she was hired.

The smaller figures were of the same man, who was sitting off in the distance and striking some interesting poses.

Just for fun today.

pigma micron inks, Aquabee Deluxe Sketchbook


BobiWilson said...

I really like the "slice of life" aspect of sketches. I might just get past all those "issues" and give it a go.

Jim Bumgarner said...

It's worth it! Really.

Greg Ashby said...

Great drawing Jim, weird coincidence to see you guys at WSU this afternoon, but will be at Hastings next weekend to hang paintings with the Cyber 509 group

Lapoynte said...

It was fun just sketching and talking while one gril was singing with headphones on, a women was getting a job interview,and a group of women were having some kind of meeting!