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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Dichotomy of Very Little and Very Big

The magic of Art-a-Day visited my studio today.  Hope I find words...
I finally gave over to the small, exacting work I really want to do.  I absolutely have a *thing* for tiny sculptural scenes, particularly if I can include moving parts or something interactive. This isn't new to me but it also doesn't lend itself to creating something new every day - nor do people tend to take it seriously.  Both of which were tripping me up.  Everything in me wants to give over to this growing body of ideas and concepts.  So I did, and somehow by giving over to these small, tiny, demanding works, by focusing on the micro, the macro opened. I want to take you on the ride but I've only a fleeting whiff so far.
Since adolescence I've had a relationship with micro/macro.  I find magnificence in the mundane and see clear relationship between the everyday and the Universal and the Universal in the minutiae of everyday.  In my mid 30's, gathered in circle, a leader asked us, "What's your mission in life? Quick, write it down before you think." I wrote, "to find the connection and share it."   I've been working on that since and today felt like another key, a new gateway, another step along the bridge of understanding.
I do not expect my small sculptures and scenes to be the big "It" though I do see them as gateways.  Here are some thoughts playing in my mind today, the dichotomies between my skills and the demands of the work seeming analogous to a bridging of some kind...
Small sculptures - vast worlds/ very exacting - very imperfect/ tiny in size - large concept/ 1/64" tolerances - 1/8" tools/  minute focus - vast betweens/ part engineering -part Playdoh/ ideas fluid -  execution challenging/ Tiffany jewelry - High School diorama/ fit in the palm of my hand - later, people sitting inside, sensing the bridge within themselves.
This is a random sketchbook doodle I decided to practice on... 


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