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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here's the completed landscape that I showed in its smooshy stage yesterday. Worked on it last night and this morning. Then since I'm trying to improve my tree technique, did this quick study on a new tree technique. I like the results of this one.

Although I was a little reluctant to participate, I'm really glad I took Bobi's suggestion. It's provided the impetus to keep focused when I might have let the laziness kick in. Now the question is, what's my motivation in Feb???


BobiWilson said...

These are great, Terrie! It continues to be a delight watching works and artists evolve.
I know what you mean about the motivation thing. I absolutely love time spent in the studio yet you'd think my house would be cleaner considering all the delay tactics I come up with.

Lapoynte said...

Nice! Even the, quick study" turned out well.

Greg Ashby said...

Just Keep On KEEPING ON at the end of this January Art-A-Day not only will I have done some sort of Art everyday this month, but I am still doing some sort of art everyday still from last January's Art-a-Day. YES in 2 weeks I will have gone 13 months doing some sort of art everyday. I plan on continuing on doing art everyday. But may not make all thge way thru 2011 :) but will see

BobiWilson said...

Every time this pops on my screen I am taken again by the colors of the river one. They and the scene make my heart quiet and glad