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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Straightline and rough design

Roughed designs for my daughter Cara.  She laid out a general form for amber and rough garnet she has, wanting something sturdy but delicate looking, kind of Rivendell-ish.  I'm thinking filigree which will be new for me.

This delights me no end.  Without a fixed reference point, people cannot walk a straight line.  This is the path of a man, blindfolded and told to walk a straight line across an empty field.  He re-crossed the road at least 5 times and came to a stop when he hit a stump.  I took a screen shot with my phone and translated into this brooch. see the video . 3" x 2 5/8", steel, brass.  My first time soldering steel.  seems to behave much like the brass. 


tpurk said...

Love the straight man brooch - just like you to make something so abstract yet so meaningful. Very cool!

ds watkins said...

wow. this is stunning. and deep. I love how you infuse your work with such meaningful depth Bobi.

BobiWilson said...

Thank you dear ladies.