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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Three Men in the Fog - Straight Line series

Feel like I've been on a 2 day intensive.  I'm toast.

I wouldn't enter this in a contest but am pleased with what I learned.  Even fabricated the pin back which I often wimp out on for fear of melting everything at the last step. 
I would so love to study under a good jewelry artists, or several -so much to know.

To refresh: the path 3 men walked in the fog missing their destination (the black stone) and ending up back at the barn where they started.

My husband, Scott, was just telling me a story of meeting some farm boys in Rapid City, N. Dakota.  They said there are x-many steps from the barn to the house.  If there's a white out or blizzard and you go x-many steps without finding the house (or barn), turn around, retrace your steps back to the start point, try again.
Our winter cold isn't seeming so unpleasant at the moment.


Laura Gable said...

Actually it's Rapid City - SOUTH Dakota (my sister lives there). That's a true story about the white out blizzards. We had them bad like that in Nebraska too. Such good advice from a great hubby.

Fort Logan Designs said...

I really like how this turned out! I too am the fearful one when it comes to putting the backs on. I have melted a piece or two in trying to get that last step done. Beautifully done Bobi!