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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A try at sketching

Decided to head out with sketchbook in hand today.  As I was heading out the door my son said, "go slay some lions".  I showed him the sketchbook and said, "That's what I'm doing."
Things I learned: 1. just because you can turn your head and see more it doesn't fit in the frame of the picture. 2. quit while you're ahead.
3. It's hard not having an eraser.  Good, but hard.
4. I will do this again.  
I was itching to go home to hammer and torch and make something.  I spent 3 more hours on the little house piece then deleted the picture realizing it probably wouldn't look that much different to most of you.

First stop, the library.  The sketchbook was too cumbersome so left it in the car and used the little moleskin booklet I carry.  Using the stubby (and smudgy) little library pencil, here is my experience. Image on backside of paper bleeding through a bit.

Next stop, lunch at Fat Olives, waiting for my salad.  Same pencil.  yes, I filched it from the library.

Columbia Park and the ubiquitous image of Rattlesnake.  This one in pen. 
I was ready to get home so didn't try very hard.  Something to be said for that...  like what Dave said, the more exact, the less interesting.


Lapoynte said...

Bobi, you've got some great sketch skills. I love all three of them and I know almost the exact spot of the rattlesnake sketch.

Laura G said...

... and you say you can't draw! I am impressed. The top one has draftsman, architectural qualities. Love it.

Jim Bumgarner said...

Nice job, Bobi, sketchin's where it's at. You'll have to join us on some of our outings coming up soon!!