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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hello. We went to look at The Reach with Bobi yesterday. That was cool-thanks Bobi. Yesterday I fired 2 kilns, one glaze and one bisque. Today I fired a test kiln to test a couple of glazes that are causing me grief. A friend has notified us that she wants some mugs for the ACT auction coming up nest week. Luckily I work every day and have many mugs but I want to have matching stoneware ones and my cone 8 (2300 F)glaze is causing grief. The dirt glaze is always reliable but the wood ash one is not. Today I trimmed bowls for the Summer, Safe House, charity action. I couldn't sleep a couple of days ago due to realizing I could use the 1200 lbs of cone 6 clay that was given to me a few years ago so I will continue the bowls using this. At cone 6 we have a really simple, stable, glaze and so it goes. I will table the cone 8 stuff and continue the cone 6 and earthenware (1984 degrees F) for classes. I will try to get She Pat to post some photos but the pots are unfired so they are not pretty (what ever that means) If you look at the new National Geographic mag you will see a picture of dancing monks. They spoke to me. I will paint one of the dancing images instead of Jimmi H. I got in a heated debate with a new art teacher somewhere in the either. She thinks she has discovered that System Analysis is applicable to art education. I signed off with a shot about her not wanting to follow old people who have already gone through that and found it didn't work. When one is young, one thinks they have discovered a new trail when the trail has simply been discarded and grown over. Systems Analysis, as it is taught, is diametrically opposite of what we should be teaching in art. Thanks. Pic tomorrow. Pat Fleming

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Bobi Wilson said...

Ah, yes - one of the nice things about being on the planet longer and longer - the gift of perspective.