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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well there is nothing else on TV except some game so I am here. I fired 3 kilns, glazed some mugs, trimmed some others and loaded a bunch of over reduced pots into the barn kiln so we can burn the excess carbon off of them. I really over reduced the firing sometime last year and the pots have been sitting around being all black and such. The barn kiln is on the same circuit as one of the ones in the basement so it will have to wait until tomorrow. A sagger will be installed and the pots will be reduced again just not so much. Does anyone want a tubing bender? A new band saw has replaced it and it produced some new wooden bats yesterday. Whoo-hoo! I have adhered some newspapers to a canvas (ala pinterest) with some acrylic and am planning on doing a monochromatic painting of Jimmi Hendrix. I have never done him before and it seems kind of cliche'. I will look for someone else but maybe it is time for some Jimmi over some plasticized Tri-City Herald. The Tri-City Herald as art, is that rich or what? Thanks. Pat


Nancy said...

SOME game, is right!

I have decided to start looking at photos of family members taken long ago. I really love doing people I am emotionally tied to. I am thinking you like music!

Laura Gable said...

Some game yes. My sweetie watched both of them. Coming from Denver, he's still a big Bronco fan ... but since moving here has become a Seahawks fan too. Whatever is he to do in 2 weeks as his 2 fav's battle it out?

You have been busy Pat. Would love to tour your art operation sometime if you ever get a little group together. Sounds like a jammin place.

a woman who is said...

Count me in on that tour =) That was "some " =)