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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Three Aspens

"Three Aspens" 5x7 oil on panel, ©Laura Gable

The rocks were shimmering in this outcropping from a photo I took a few years back while traversing parts of Colorado. I failed to label the location. The sky was crystal clear, air redolent with pine and clouds had that cotton-candy quality. Pristine! The aspen trees were just starting to lose their leaves. Crowds flock to the mountains in late September to see the "colors" of these golden groves of white barked sentinels.

Am having fun doing these little almost-daily studies. My goal for a few days now has been landscape. And wiggling the brushes around in the oils again. I took a break for awhile from my oil paints late last year, so am enjoying this dalliance. Awarenesses arise while I work, and this day's was to make an effort to design the scene - not just paint what I see.  It's harder when working with the perfect photo (anyway I was pleased with this amateur shot I took). When you are outside and surrounded by the brilliance of the outdoors it is easier ... steal a tree from over there, move the clouds, let the scene dance about. A lifelong pursuit, I am sure.


Pat Fleming said...

I commented before about how this looks cazanneish. I remember because I had to look up cesanneish. Nice painting. Pat

Pat Fleming said...

I meant cezanneish.

patti said...

Laura, I showed my tapestry friends this post, they all loved your trees and colors/everything. My artistic friends are from, Vancouver, B.C., Portland, Woodenville, Everett and Port Townsend. 5 gold stars to you!

Laura Gable said...

I link I know what you mean Pat ... of or resembling the art of Cezanne. Wow a high compliment, Thank you.

Wonderful you are with your tribe of like minded friends Patti. Enjoy the tapestries. Thanks for the share.