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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Icy River Sketchy (Saturday)

Iced River--Columbia River @ the Richland Y.
I loved the melodious movement of the young branches.
The day sunny and the temps warmer than usual, though still not warm enough for this fair-weather artist to paint on an icy Columbia River shoreline near the Richland Y. I always sketch before painting anyway - gives me a better opportunity to work out composition. As you can see by the boxes inside the sketch, the image kept growing and went from vertical to horizontal format. It's a great view of Rattlesnake Mountain, all lavender and shadowed, peeking above the horizon line while the low water in the foreground was still frozen over. The breeze off the icy surface chilled my fingers in fingerless gloves, and I knew my easel would likely rock about so I'm saving painting for another day. 

My day's goal was to "be in the landscape" and so for about 30 minutes, I was. I did paint in the studio afterwards for a bit too. Will post that painting at a later date.


Patricia Kirch said...

Wow Miss Laura, you sketch before you paint? You make your paintings look like they just happen. Magic, presto! I lasted about 30 minutes yesterday too. I promise, I will keep your secret!

Laura Gable said...

Hi Patti, I didn't see you - where were you? Brrr. I need better gloves. A very wise teacher advised the sketching, esp when in the field. Saves a lot of time trying to correct compositional problems later. Not always magic ... Sometimes hard work. Like your tapestries ... Each thread, each piece woven in intricately, planning & foresight make a masterpiece :-)

a woman who is said...

You are braver than me. I love your goal of being in the landscape. That speaks to whats in my heart too.
It does look like a great composition. Looking forward to a lavender Rattlesnake. Sounds lovely.