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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

dreaming of sunshine

Dreaming of sunshine, on Sandypoint Spit, Ferndale Washington.  No wait, I just drove back from there, not a dream.
A group of 6 tapestry weavers from the PNW met for a retreat. I drew this with a micron pen and added colour with Art Bars.  Fine Australian Tapestry Workshop Yarns, on the beach?  Well no, not quite.  In a well lit cabin on the beach.  On Saturday, the snowy mountains across the bay and in the distance, were showing off.  I took lots of pics!


Laura Gable said...

Patti, a little elf has been going in and enlarging your pics. I'm sorry but I can't read your words when they are so small. Hope you don't mind.

This feels fresh, and fun. I love the way you combine things you love - calligraphy and your yarn spools and your sketching. It is very nice.

patti said...

Thank you elf, I appreciate your magic wand. When I post, my images show up the same size as the post is now. I did not realize the magic behind the scene. So much to learn! Again, thanks Laura

Nancy said...

I wish I was there in a cabin on the beach. Man, it sounds dreamy - and you drew! I tend to crash... I love the common items and the great drawings you make with them.