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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pots - 1/26/14 by Pat Fleming

Hello. This is a picture of some of the mugs I mentioned earlier. The ones in front are stoneware and the ones in the back are earthenware. I was surprised that there were only 52 left in the barn. Along with the 36 in the house I am short of the 100. We decided to include 4 pairs of matching mugs in a basket to the ACT auction along with a thrown coffee filter holder and some tea and coffee. Today I trimmed some bowls and fired 2 test kilns. The tests were for cone 1 pale dirt glaze and the cone 8 wood ash glaze. The reason for firing to cone 8 is to re-fire at cone 1 and that re-oxidizes the glaze and we get a very mottled iron red. That glaze was the subject of the first article I had published in the 70s. I was afraid to share my secret but after I did it became obvious that no one cared so sharing seems to be safe in the art world. Let's all share. Thanks. Pat


Pat Fleming said...

the cone 1 test is great. It's about time. Pat Fleming

Bobi Wilson said...

I'd love to go "sourcing" for clay with you someday.

a woman who is said...

So productive! Love the colors.
I wanna take a class some with you one of these days.

Chell Design said...

You always seem to crack a smile out of me :)

I really enjoy these color combos. Blue and green my favorite colors.

Bobi Wilson said...

What a happening, happy place!