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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12 - Oops, darnit.

I would say this painting is complete except that the drawing is off!  RATS!  The mistake I made was working on his face WAY too long before going to his hair and his jacket and once I got there I realized everything was too long and it doesn't look like him.  It's the lousiest thing, when you spend so much time on something and the underlying drawing is incorrect.  My wish is to have something that actually looks accurate but is interpreted in a whole new way.  I will need to do this again (and save this for another 5 years until - in case - he grows to look like this)...


Pat Fleming said...

In don't think you were there when the guys were giving me a hard time about worrying about the Louis Armstrong painting's eyes. Your painting is marvelous, spontaneous and really good. Get away from it before you screw it up!! You've always been good but this is the best. Put it away and don't look at it for 6 month and then come back and I am sure you will agree. Pat

Laura Gable said...

Nancy this is stunning!!
I see nothing "wrong" with it.
I think it's a stellar keeper.