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Monday, January 13, 2014

Logging on

Hello. I wonder if anyone recognized the words on my last posting. Well this is really odd. I can only get through from Laura Gables's e-mail. There is no orange rectangle with a white pen on the site that I saved to favs or through www. etc. Thanks Laura. Well anyways I am afraid to go down stairs to look in my kilns. I use a pyrometer as back-up and the wires were in the way and stopped the shut off from activating. The kiln drastically overfired and I am afraid everything is melted. We were heading to cone 05 and hit cone 8, I fear. I will have to look and we have a class tonight and I must face the music. This stuff happens but if I had not been occupied with a stupid TV show I would have checked it an hour earlier. The other kiln worked ok so it is not totally loss. Now I must see if I can post pics through Laura's e-mail. This computer seems off. It dumped all of my saved e-mails.


Bobi Wilson said...

Gads, bummer about the kiln. Let us know what you find.

Laura Gable said...

Pat, you can also post by going to the very top right of the blog. If you've already signed in, there should be a button to click to "post"