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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 20, 2014

A little of this and that

Well I have done some sketching with the Urban Sketchers  down at The Blank Canvas and I have tried to finish a couple of old paintings...progress below.

I liked stage two and now I am discouraged and stuck. This last week I was too busy to get anything done but the Urban Sketchers. But alas I have not totally given up yet.  
One other little artsy project I got sidetracked on was reviving some old rapidograph pens I decided to dig out.  I have not drawn anything as of yet with them.  I actually like all the fussing and repairing of these antiquated pens. Thanks to Adrian and his box of parts ;)


Nancy said...

NEVER give up! Well, wait. Unless you totally screw it up - then throw it away and start again. You are not there yet on this flower painting - keep going!

Laura Gable said...

I agree with Nancy. It is a wonderful start here Cindy, the colors are still pure and clean. Sit with it a few days and you will find your way.

And your sketch is fabuloso! I have some old rapidographs too. Will have to find them -- didn't know Adrian had the parts, but it doesn't surprise me. He has a bit of everything.

Thanks for posting your progress!!

Chell Design said...

Don't give up- your painting just needs more layers- more information.

I don't know if you are going from photos or real flowers but take some time to just be with them.

Observe them...everything you need to know is right there... every shadow, every highlight, every vein,every color. Painting is a process of training the eye to SEE- really see... and then translating this info through your hand.

You are almost there with this painting.

Bobi Wilson said...

I so love your fearlessness in trying ever more new things!