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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cloud Scape

"Cloud Scape" 8x10 oil on board, ©Laura Gable

Painting clouds can be challenging as there are no hard edges. This is my attempt doing so from a photo of a distant horizon and the earth curving away above. I'm not sure I've captured the curving away of the sky, as this was very vast. I do like the feel of it though, and the bits of orange that crept in on the left side of the lower sky. Even though it may look like it, there are no intentional monster faces in these clouds. But if you see something there, am sure it might be a window into the individual psyche (smile).

Today's awareness: I have this wanting to create scenes from memory, yet I find I do much better if I have something to reference in front of me while I paint. Seems like a simple awareness, but it is powerful none-the-less.


Pat Fleming said...

Hello, marvelous as usual. I have always wondered about working from imagination versus what you see. When in fine art classes we mostly tried to paint something that had never been done before while in illustration school we recorded what we saw. It is a conundrum. We mostly just do what feels good at the time, I suppose. I am working on a painting taken from National Geographic. I would be chastised for doing this in my grad school. Every serious artist has these feelings I think. I remember Janette Hopper sharing the same ideas with Morris Clary over lunch one day. Your painting is really nice. Thanks. Pat Fleming

Patricia Kirch said...

expressive sky, there's movement and shape, ooolala those colors!
patti k

Laura Gable said...

thank you both. Yes Pat there is a lot of discussion in there and paths tread by many an artist.

As I said on my facebook page, this is a foray into painting expressive clouds - a fine line to make sure they resemble puffy white misty things rather than subtle monsterish faces in cotton candy ;-)

Bobi Wilson said...

What an exciting concept - and beautiful too! Wow, as Suess might say, "Oh the Places You Will Go!"