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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


"Grey-Scape" 6x4 oil on card, ©Laura Gable

Who is ready to see the end of these temperature inversions, grey days, mist, freezing fog, hoar frost, intermittent flurries, and freezing rain? We start to realize the value of LIGHT in our days, and which gives us so much to study as artists. A moment ago I saw some actual blueness in the sky so am hopeful that the skies will turn today.

One of my artist friend's recently mentioned that even on cloudy days the sky is actually lighter than it is when it is full of brilliant blue. It does make sense that light grey is lighter and brighter than the cerulean and ultramarine blue skies we crave. The pervasive greyness alters and unifies the landscape's colors and tones. The value scale falls in the middle (2,3, & 4 on a scale of 1-5), as most bright highlights and deep shadows fall away. So with this in mind yesterday, I painted our local hillsides and waterways from memory. I know I would do better with a photo reference, but this moody landscape is emblazoned into my psyche! Greyed color can actually be quite lovely and serene. The yellows in the foreground were even greyed. Compared to the other colors they seem so bright. The cheat grass and other nimble brushes within the marsh take on some varied and interesting colors this time of year.

So my awareness of the day: When I open up and really see with these two treasured eyes of mine, I can find beauty even when things are gloomy and grey. Find the mystery in the misty days.

PS - we are almost done with this challenge. I didn't do a painting a day, but I tried to do something creative most days and when I was too tired to pick up a brush, I even counted the creative thoughts as valid and pertinent!


Bobi Wilson said...

So very lovely - and from memory, wow! The gray overcast is much prettier when you paint it.

Patricia Kirch said...

Answer: finish a beautiful piece depicting grey atmosphere, and voila! Sunshine!
Colour magician Laura has done it again!
Patti K

Chell Design said...

I agree with Bobi, I'll take your grey landscape any day.

Bobi Wilson said...

I love it when you talk all art-sexy
like this, Laura.