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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 10, 2014

sketching and weaving

When I can, I hop down to my tiny studio and weave tapestry. I am sampling backgrounds, snow and trees.  I am weaving with Elv super fine yarns and silk. The colours appear lighter than actual.  The sample measures 2 inches across and woven until all the problems are solved. I leave the ends hanging about and easily to see the combinations of each bundle. Woven sideways, I am weaving a forest of Nths. lol
Yesterday, I patiently waited, a curved fireplace, a couple of chairs, lights above and a cylinder for a table. I didn't have to wait very long.
Gulp, here's my attempt at Urban Sketching.  I was in Clearwater West with Nancy, betcha can't tell!  So, I have heard, that sketching is a good thing, geesh, I certainly hope so..... Laura, are you laughing...


Laura Gable said...

Patti!! I would never laugh - and I applaud your efforts. This is VERY NICELY done, with an architectural feel. I like the way you varied your strokes and the colors you used. (Can we make your images a bit larger? I can help edit if you want). Your tapestry is amazing - such patience and great use of color. PS Where is the lovely curved fireplace? In your home?

Chell Design said...

Love that you are trying new things... it is at times frustrating but when something works or when you feel you've mastered a technique,(or to what ever level suits you it feels great. Unfortunately, as artists that feeling is oft short lived and we move on to the next challenge.

Very good sketches and fabulous tapestry. Seems very tedious to weave such a small and intricate thing. :)

patti said...

Thank you Laura and Chell,
Hopefully, the new techniques and experiences will help my art journey. Help my decision making process for tapestry, book arts, oh and sketching.
Laura, I will show you the sketches at book arts on Monday.
Later today sample weaving, I was able to get closer to how I wanted the trees and snow to look. Now for the sky and beyond! lol
Yes, tapestry weaving is tedious, I have to wear a watch while I weave. I have to protect the time that I have for art. I appreciate your words of advice, patti

a woman who is said...

Hey Patti,
I think we should drag the sketching boys out side a bit and do something more organic...LOL! They are so skilled and I am cringing with my attempts to keep up with their perspective gymnastics ;) I too though am glad to have the experience. Right , it's good for our art journey. That's what I am saying =) Hope to see you next week! Love the tapestry! You have many talents!

Greg Ashby said...

Patti, if these were just drawings or paintings on paper or whatever I would find them great sketches or so, but the fact you wove these or latch hook or whatever I find almost impossible. I personally wouldn't have the patience. Quite striking and unique :)

Jean Fu 陳琪 said...

Patti, I really enjoy seeing what you do with tapestry; I haven't seen it in the past. As of sketching, I am an absolute beginner, but it is fun indeed trying new things.

patti said...

I have been taught formal Gobelin and Aubusson tapestry techniques by Internationally known artists, Archie Brennan, Pam Patrie, Kathe Todd Hooker and most recently Sarah Swett. This style of weaving is what one would identify with the art hung on castle walls. Locally, I have participated with Desert Fiber Arts Guild and with White Bluffs Center. Mastering techniques is one thing, problem solving design issues is another. I believe that sketching is helping me in this process.
Thank you so much for the encouragement art friends!