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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wallow in the Oils

This day's goal was to wallow in the oil paints and use a limited palette-- using only the paints I have here at home. Well it worked for awhile until I realized that the last dregs of white were not nearly enough. Landscapes need a lot of white!! I do love the blues I was using here -- cobalt teal and another softer King's blue from Rembrandt that my niece recommended. Anyway this one is based on our land here in the shrub-steppe region of eastern Washington. Oh and it was painted from a photograph taken earlier in the first wisps of the Autumn season. I like the composition and may consider it for a larger painting later. BTW this photo was taken with my Canon DSLR camera.

"Sage Lands" 5x7 oil on canvas, ©Laura Gable (taken with Canon DSLR camera)
To continue a discussion we had earlier about the photographs we take, I thought I would include below the iphone photo I took of this same painting. (The one above is still a bit brighter than the original, but both were adjusted in Photoshop). See how the iphone photo doesn't quite represent the nuanced color as well. The bright color is fun though, but not what I'd intended. ;-)
same landscape, photographed with the iPhone. 
PS. Do you like the size of these images? I'm struggling on which is still viewable, yet isn't too ostentatious. Top is sized large, bottom is sized middle.


Patricia Kirch said...

Hello Laura,
I like the top one for the colour and the size of photo. Beautiful autumn landscape!

a woman who is said...

I actual thought you added more color before I read the explanation. I liked the top one too.

Bobi Wilson said...

How interesting to see the difference in cameras and to challenge yourself with the colors at hand. Didn't know that about white/landscapes. Go with big. :)

Chell Design said...

Big is better for least those are the ones I'm drawn to.