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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

a neighbor"s house

I love looking at this tree surrounded house, those trees provide different combinations of color for each season. Yesterday around sunrise it was the pinkish southern sky above the house that caught my attention. I sketched right away trying to capture its beauty. The colors changed as I sketched. I began with the sky, then worked my way down. By the time I painted those in front of the house It was already in the bright day light, therefore the color was bright also. I guess this is the big problem with painting plein air.


Patricia Kirch said...

Hello Jean,
I love your piece, this landscape of your neighbour's house. I love the tree on the right! It's perfect!

Jean Fu 陳琪 said...

Thank you, Patti!
This was my first try of live sketching of a landscape with such fast changing light. I am learning.

a woman who is said...

Jean that is lovely. I keep admiring your commitment!

Bobi Wilson said...

Your paintings/sketches have something particularly comfortable about then - -what is that? I always feel completely at home and familiar at first glance.