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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

another tangle

Since I discovered Zentangle online a few months ago, I've been sucked into playing around with it - it's pretty addictive.  For those of you with a modicum of interest, it's a kind of structured doodling with the idea that the formation of repetitive line-making is relaxing and will put you into a "zen" like, calm state.  I do find that time sort of melts away as I draw.  There are hundreds of named patterns with how-to breakdowns of the patterns (visit for a fairly comprehensive look).

Traditional Zentangles use a 3.5" square and a "string" which is a randomly drawn pencil line within the square.  You then fill each of the sections created in your string with a different pattern - that's how I did the top square above.  However, it is art and creative types always tweak the 'rules' so you can start the patterning however you like and really make a piece whatever size suits you.  ZIA (zentangle inspired art) is becoming quite prevalent and is basically anything artsy that's outside the "official" size/shape, often doodle-filled recognizable shapes like an apple or house.  Typically black pen on white paper, but color is being added more and more.

Here are a few I've made over the last few months:

By the way admin folks, I like the updated blog format - it's easier to upload the photos (and now functions like my other personal blogs:))


Jim Bumgarner said...

I'll bet you can get lost inside these

Greg Ashby said...

Yeah, I find it interesting. Bout 6 months ago we had a client come into the print shop, she got some cards printed for Zentangle classes she was going to teach. We all thought it was pretty cool. One can probably put that in painting mode as a "noodling" thing for accenting paintings with detail.

Laura Gable said...

I just love these Terrie. They are "brain noodling" sorts of work - zen, yes. Reminds me of the scratchboards I was doing the first year at art-a-day (I'll post a link).

Laura Gable said...

Jim told me how to use the labels to sort all your posts in a particular style. Here is the link to the first year 2009 and the scratchboards that I did then... they remind me of your zentangles.