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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pearl in the Rough

We're in full Christmas mode here.  Windows steamy with three huge pots of Sarrama (stuffed cabbage rolls). .
I made a sterling silver ring this morning.  I don't have material heavy enough for the shank so ran a silver spoon through the rolling mill.  Used a piece of scrap silver for the base, attached a pearl.  The picture came out crap but will post for my "bonifieds"


Jim Bumgarner said...

"bonifieds" yes, "bonifieds"!

Cheryl Goyer said...

nice! I would wear that.

Terrie said...

I was starting to wonder if you were going to participate! :) Great style

Laura Gable said...

mmm the cabbage rolls smell yummy and the ring is fabulous. Anything with a pearl has my attention. Love the play of round vs square.