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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"EDM #18: Draw What You See From Your Window"

"Poor things, they are cold, wet and covered in that blasted white stuff."
I hate snow. 

This morning we have 4" and it continues to pile up.  We just shampooed our carpets and polished our hard wood floors this past week; and the grandkids are coming over to day so they can go sledding on the hill.  And you know this means a good deal of melted snow, and accompanying mud, will be... We have extra precautions at the door, lots of ruggery.  (Is that a word?) 

I don't like trying to draw, sketch, or paint snow either.  It's just too damned hard to capture.  So I look out my living room window and see the mailboxes across the street.  Poor things, they are cold, wet, and covered in that blasted white stuff.  My commitment, my commitment - everyday a sketch.  Ok, I'll sketch them in my EDM sketchbook, at #18, and they'll enter the fray where it is warm, and comfortable.  

I hate snow. 


Terrie said...

I love seeing your sketches follow the prompts - each so inventive and suitable for how you're feeling at the moment. We're having our mega storm in Seattle this week as well and, well, I hate snow too. I hate it on the roads, I hate it in my shoes, I hate it blowing in my face...but I like looking at it from a distance - like over there on the mountain tops! :)

Laura Gable said...

(I love snow ... coming from Nebraska it was very common, and getting snowed in was great fun with homemade soups and baking and board games. Some drifts were as high as the house, so we finally had a "hill" for sledding or climbing. For me it's a time to hunker down, cozy up. Don't like the driving though, and after living here in SE Washington, I'm losing my edge, so get a bit more nervous.)

BobiWilson said...

Such strong passions about snow, anthropomorphizing mailboxes, "ruggery", homemade soups, board games,driving, blowing in the face... Such power in a bit of ink!