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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 27, 2012

"I got sick of doing EDM sketches"

Ok, so I thought sketching those Everyday Matters challenges would be . . . challenging.  They were.  But only because because I began feeling restricted in what I wanted to sketch on any given day, or to put it another way: b o r i n g. 

I mean when it got to "draw a piece of clothing," all I could think of was a simple-lined t-shirt. And why, I mean really, would I want to draw a piece of clothing.  Though Danny Gregory was the inspiration for the list, I don't think he had anything to do with putting it together.  That was left to Karen, Patty, Helen, Susan, and other ... people.  

So I went back to my old ways.  Heading out to find a place, a thing, a person, or an event to sketch.  A place to get away in one's head to something a little more interesting than grocery store lists, shampooing carpets, shoveling snow, etc.

I like sketching.  I like it a lot.  It freshens my head from a good portion of the extraneous effluvia that floats about each day.

So here ya go:
Snowmover in Costco's parking lot. 

He sat down straight away in front of me a Barnes & Noble.  Never looked up while he read his book.

Reading last night's news. 

Lady on a mission to learn something new.


Bobi Wilson said...

Now THAT's a creative way to draw an article of clothing!

Lapoynte said...

With your skill level and experience you can bend the rules any way you want! Great stuff and I particuraly like the Nike guy!

Lara said...

I like the drawings you did, but "a piece of clothing" just begs "an old holey sock" or "a pair of boxer shorts my dog got hold of..."

Ahem. Projecting. Great drawings. The guy was especially interesting. I'm still trying to figure out what his expression is saying. Keep having to go back and look, and I still can't decide. I finally ended up opening it up in its own tab on my browser so I can flip to it whenever I get a yen to take another stab at it.

Terrie said...

I love your sketches and seeing your sketches show up on flickr in case I miss them here. Someone to check out on flickr if you haven't already is Anita Davies - she's also an excellent sketcher and I get lots of inspiration from seeing her work too.

Dan Kent said...

Jim, to me Everyday Matters has never been about following the list - it is there as a tool for folks that want to take advantage of it, is often a great way to jump start activity, and I've also seen folks use the list in very creative ways.

That said, I think EDM is all about looking around you, and seeing that there is art in the every day. So for me, it has been my permission slip to draw everything and anything around me.

Great that you are out and about sketching people - the pencil sketch is great, and I really like the lady on a mission. I drew something like that "snow mower" once - what a pain! lol.