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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Joyride, Packing, Concert,

Taking creative license for art today. 
Joyride: Scott and I were wide awake 3:something a.m..  "Listen," Scott said.  Nothing, no noise outside at all.  ahhhhh....  so we got up, dressed and went on an hour long joy ride, the whole world to ourselves.  Down back hills roads with the lights off. Into downtown (past DS Watkins and Laura Gable studios), onto the island.  Back home at 5a,m for a short nap. Saw maybe a dozen cars - most of them by the highways.
Packing;  A friend is moving to Olympia so helped pack and clean at her house.
Concert:  Leaving in two minutes to the Camarata Musica concert with my lovely friend, Mary. 


Jim Bumgarner said...

We saw you guys! You were in your jammies, right?

Anonymous said...

Dave & I were getting ready to get on the train to Portland. Left the loft at 4:45 am. Ours was probably one of the cars you saw! Not making art but sure thinking art here to our just recently left home.

Terrie said...

Dan and I are often awake at that ungodly hour as well but have to say we never thought of getting up and going for a drive! I'll mention it to him. :)