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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mappa Mundi: As I know it to be

Or, a "sheet of the world". So now it's done. But this one I keep looking at and thinking it wants more imagery. So I'll simply say, it is done for now. This will be entered into the Allied Arts Group BookArts Show for March.
This paper is simply exquisite. Made by Helen Heibert from Portland OR. I used a crow quill pen and dipped it in black ink for the signatures along the sides. I tell you, that skritch-scritch sound the pen made on the paper brought back familiar beloved memories stored in some collective file from hundreds of years ago. Sigh.


Jim Bumgarner said...

ds, this looks very interesting. I would like to see it up close and personal. And don't you just love it when those collective files from hundreds of years ago pop up like that?! Sorta like hearing the Fleetwoods sing "Come Softly" all over again, for the first time.

BobiWilson said...

ds surely spend a past life cloistered away scribing illuminated manuscripts...
Will this hang from the ceiling rather or from a wall, or either?

ds watkins said...

Okay Jim...You are welcome to stop into my studio at 17B North Auburn in historic downtown Kennewick any time! If the blue "open" chair is on the sidewalk I'm there...if not, my # is on a sign in the I live upstairs and would gladly pop on down. is first Thursday ArtWalk so I will be open until 9pm AND you can have some munchies and crunches while you are looking at art.
Bobi...I think this piece will stay on the wall because the back side of the paper is un-art.

ds watkins said...

Hey Jim, I just searched iTunes for fleetwood mac and come softly...could not come up with anything. Could you hummm it for me?