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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 2, 2012


January - it must be Art-A-Day month!  Last year I participated for the first time and though I don't live in town, I so enjoyed seeing all your art develop and wished I could be there in person to meet you and join the art show.     I participated when I could and that participation started me on a year long exploration of all sorts of artistic experimentation for the first time ever.  (Thanks Bobi!)

I tried some mixed media, some collage, some painting......and always, photography.  I successfully completed a 365 day (photo a day) project (boy am I glad that's over!).  So here I am again this year, ready to try to expand and improve my skills.  I read Jim's post about sketching and, oddly enough, that's one of my goals this year - to improve my almost non-existent drawing skills.

It's tough to share pieces or sketches or art that I'm not confident about or that I feel aren't very skilled.  But, this is an opportunity for me to practice and, here goes.

Day #1, shoes.  Not as cool as Jim's cowboy boots, but I don't own any cowboy boots, so this is what I wear most Clarks clogs.  Comfy.  At least I can tell they're shoes! :)

I actually welcome advice, critique, observations to help me improve.  If you can suggest a way to improve any drawing - lay it on me...I can take it!  In fact, I welcome it.

I'm so excited to be participating again and can't wait to see everyone's contributions again!


BobiWilson said...

You, Dave and Jim are so inspiring! I feel nearly ready to face my I-can't-draw issues. Perhaps this spring I'll give the sketch a day a go. thanks!

Jim Bumgarner said...

Hey, Terrie, you're off and running, but probably not in those shoes because they don't look like running shoes. They look like soft, warm, comfortable, knock-about-the-house shoes. I'm happy you've chosen the EDM challenges, too. They are loads of fun...If you want to see the list, go to this link:

Can't wait to see your lamp!!