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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hello. Can't post pics so here are some words. Check out 509Art's facebook re AAA's OK for a gathering of local artists at their place, did some pots today, fired one kiln, blew up 8 year olds heart sculpture (bummer) need ot fix clear glaze, it isn't clear, looked at BB King painting, thinking of replacing background again to reflect the marvelous, current, WSU show, applied for the chancellor show, hung stuff in the WSU show, one was a redo of a painting shown in the Hearld at the Art's Council show in the 80's, that would BB, got some info on the Pasco censorship debaucle, Thanks Jim, mixed and screened some clay, graded tests for the art appreciation class, decided I can't offer any additional pottery classes, now I have to tell them, and had a really good time. Oh yeah, bought a salt block for Buz and Sparky.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! It wasn't BB it was a Jerry Garcia painting, have done two now, and I forgot to write a new test for Art App, must do that today, thanks for the tolerance.

Laura Gable said...

why can't you post pictures Pat?