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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sleeping Beauty turquoise, amber, carnelian, and copper. And an electroplated copper oak leaf. Not mine, sadly.
* * *

Some fun, funky, dangly earrings that I put together yesterday with some odds and ends of glass beads.

* * *

So this was my big project yesterday. I pulled together some odds and ends of beads, metal links of every type, and made bracelets. I'm actually kind of partial to the green and silver one at the top, but I'll be offering all of them for sale at the Art Walk on Thursday.

* * *

I did this last night while I was watching TV with my husband. I really am not fond of television, and I can't just sit there, typically, even when I'm watching a show I actually wanted to see. So I made this. I think it's somewhat analogous to crocheting a chain with a needle and yarn: very basic, and repetitive, not requiring a lot of conscious involvement. I haven't decided if I'm going to fancy it up or not. Probably will, just haven't decided how.

* * *

This is what my upcycled rose looks like as a pendant, with a stone in the center, and on an actual necklace. After spending the time cutting the metal backing and then smoothing it and polishing it, my hands hurt like the dickens!


Jim Bumgarner said...

very nice. like these.

Lara said...


Terrie said...

The bracelets look fab and you accomplished a lot of variety in a day! Some very saleable pieces I think....

Lara said...

Thanks! These are a total departure from my usual. I generally use gemstones, not glass, but I wanted to challenge myself and go with the theme "Fun, Funky, Fabulous Fashion" for this month, to go with upcycling.