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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I drew out some concept art for my next paint since Space Man is almost finished.
It's going to be centered around a sleeping female figure. I used a pencil to sketch out her form in various posses, and I think I've picked my favorite.

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman


Laura Gable said...

What sort of messages was it giving you Sarah? I (or Bobi) could check the drafts and see if we can find it to upload. Wonder if the images are too large? Well I go peek behind the curtain and see what I can see.

Laura Gable said...

not seeing anything there, Sarah so can't help you. Sorry!

BobiWilson said...

Isn't that kind of thing so very exasperating?!
Yes, let us know if we can assist. I believe you and Laura have a better grasp of this blog-biz though I am ready and willing to help troubleshoot.

Sarah Bosserman said...

Turns out that my computer was over haeted. I ran some cleaner-outer programs and now it's working fine. I hadn't deleted my cookies in awhile either.. :)